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Corporate Training

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Corporate training involves formal or informal education programs designed to improve the skills of executives or workers. It can take the form of teaching a worker to fit into a new job, or it can be designed to improve skills for workers who are already on the job.

A study commissioned by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching estimates that American corporations spend as much every year on their own training and learning programs as the nation spends on all of its colleges and universities. The benefits they expect to achieve commonly include increased revenues produced by more highly trained or motivated employees, along with improvements in employee recruitment and retention.

Some companies refer to corporate training with other terms, including employee development, human resource development or training and development.

Categories of Corporate Training

  • Training: Task-related instruction that focuses on new workers or workers who are already on the job. Its effectiveness can be measured by improvements in employee performance, or by the speed with which new employees reach acceptable performance levels.
  • Education: Instruction designed to prepare an employee for a future position, such as a transfer to a position that already exists. An employee working toward an MBA or a Project Management Professional credential in order to qualify for a promotion is an example of this.
  • Development: Training designed to prepare a worker’s general skills for an undefined job. General leadership training might be an example of this.

Types of Corporate Training

Corporate training can be accomplished in a number of ways, including:

  • On-the-job training: Employees learn while performing job duties. This is usually done under the guidance of a more experienced worker or some other mentor.
  • Corporate universities: Usually classroom-style training conducted by experienced or professional educators who either work for the company or are brought in from the outside. This type of training can be aimed at building the general skill levels of employees or at updating them on innovations in a rapidly changing field.
  • External learning: Can take the form of short seminars or formal courses held at a location outside the company or online.

Management of Corporate Training

Corporate training projects are commonly sponsored by members of senior management who are able to determine what skill sets their employees might need improvement upon, or benefit by acquiring. The hands-on management of most training programs, including class scheduling, employee coordination and the hiring and supervision of trainers, is commonly handled by a company’s human resources office.

Trends in Corporate Training

Some current trends in corporate training include:

  • Using non-teachers as trainers: In this case, professional trainers might train a supervisor or mentor to lead employee training projects. The method is to give teaching skills to those who are most familiar with the work skills to be taught.
  • Computer-based training: Online training or self-study can either replace the use of a teacher or be used in conjunction with classroom instruction.
  • Personalized training: Employers are increasingly designing personal development plans for individual employees rather than running large groups through one-size-fits-all training packages. The method allows employees to incorporate training that interests them and allows supervisors to put their workers in programs that best suit them.
  • Just-in-time training: This refers to the concept that training is most effective when an employee can put it to use quickly. Training on a new computer system, for example, is done just before the system goes live, rather than months or weeks before.

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