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Disney Land California

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Since the summer of 1955, more than 400 million people from around the world have visited Disneyland Park Anaheim. The renowned amusement park, owned by Walt Disney Company, is located in Anaheim, Cal., 27 miles south of Los Angeles.

Each day, 40,000 visitors explore its eight “lands.” Eighty-five acres boast more than 60 rides, 50 shops and 30 restaurants, and the opportunity to mingle with dozens of characters including Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear and Princess Jasmine.

Disneyland History

In the early 1940s, kids growing up with Disney movies began asking where Mickey and his pals lived. Inspired by this youthful query, Walt Disney and his brother Roy raised $17 million and struck a $6 million dollar part-ownership and once-a-week television show deal with ABC-TV to create the first-ever theme park.

Little over one year later, Disneyland opened with 18 attractions on what’s known as “Black Sunday,” due to a series of calamities, including a seven-mile freeway backup, rides that broke down and a number of shoes lost to melting Main Street asphalt. The second day passed without as many mishaps, and within seven weeks, Disneyland had welcomed its one millionth visitor.

Disneyland Attractions

In one poll visitors said the rides were their favorite part of Disneyland, followed by meeting the characters and watching the nightly fireworks.

From Adventureland to Mickey’s Toon Town, Disneyland’s offerings range from toddler-style thrills like Gadget’s Go Coaster to daredevil fare such as the Indiana Jones indoor rollercoaster, whose jerky variations treat visitors to a custom ride each time.

To wind down, guests can enjoy one of the park’s most famous attractions, It’s a Small World. The Fantasyland boat ride debuted at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York and then moved to Anaheim two years later.

Other relaxing features include musical shows or other events ranging from a live rendition of “High School Musical” to a “Sword in the Stone” ceremony during which one child is selected to reenact the deed that made young Arthur king.

Since 1999, guests have been able to use the free “fastpass”, which means you don’t have to stand in line for Disneyland’s most popular rides. Fastpasses only last one day. A software program called Ridemax creates an agenda that can help you experience as many attractions as possible.

Visiting Disneyland

There are many details involved in a successful Disneyland trip.

  • How to avoid the crowds: Summers, holidays and weekends are the busiest times, fall is the least crowded, and certain attractions are closed on specific dates. Arrive a half hour before the park opens to be among the first to get to the rides.
  • How to stick to a budget: Memories cost money, shelled out for travel, lodging, food, souvenirs and tickets. Save some cash by looking into deals like the three-day City Pass. Make your money go further by taking advantage of a one-day park hopper pass that also gets you into nearby Disney’s California Adventure Park.
  • How to decide where to stay: Cost, convenience and amenities all go into this decision. High end hotels include Grand California Hotel which overlooks Downtown Disney. There are also many packages available in all price ranges. Anaheim also has a number of bargain accommodations.

Disneyland Tips

  • Free birthday entrance.
  • Children can get a birthday phone call from Goofy.
  • The most popular attractions are less crowded early in the morning, during parades and close to closing time when fewer people are waiting.
  • Restaurants are less crowded before 11am and after 1pm.
  • Lunches can be brought and kept in lockers just outside the park, where tables are available.
  • Water bottles are allowed in the park but not onto the rides.
  • Air-conditioned kennels are available outside the main entrance for pets.
  • It cools down significantly at night.
  • A Disneyland vacation planning DVD can be booked online at no cost.

Working at Disneyland

Disneyland employs 137,000 people whose jobs range from cast members to cosmetologists to custodial workers. Internships are available through the Disney college program for students to learn about theater, marketing, culinary arts and many other fields.

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